Basement / Drain Cleaning



Keeping your basement dry and your home protected from water damages can be quite the challenge for even the most diligent homeowners. At Plumbing Now, our highly trained plumbers are up to the task of assisting you. If there is ever a problem with your sump pit, sump pump or sewage pump, we will find it fast and provide a timely resolution. We also handle installations of all types, including tankless water heaters and battery back-up sump pumps. When you need complete basement plumbing solutions in Windsor & Essex County, you can rest assured that we are well-equipped for the job. Plumbing Now handles all types of basement plumbing applications, including:

Sump pumps – Sump pumps should turn on whenever they need to remove water from underneath your home’s foundation. If your sump pump is on all the time, makes loud noises or you see water in your basement, it could be time for a sump pump replacement. We provide sump pump inspections, repairs and installations.

Sewage pumps – Similar to sump pumps, sewage pumps are used to pump water – and sewage in the form of solids – from your property. They are usually located in basement bathrooms and make up a vital component of your sewer system. If you need someone to install, replace or repair your sewage pump, you can count on Plumbing Now to get the job done.

Sump pits/sump pit cleaning – If you find your sump pit is draining more slowly than usual, it may need cleaning out. We are capable of maintaining your sump pit so that your sump pump can continue to do its job efficiently.

Battery back-ups – Today’s battery backup sump pumps are superior. We can assist with all of your installation and maintenance needs.

Backflow prevention – Preventing backflow is crucial to taking care of your water supply and your plumbing system. If your backflow system is not functioning properly, you may notice cloudy or discoloured water. If your water ever looks strange to you, do not drink or use it without getting your backflow tested first. Dripping water, visible leaks and noticeable wear-and-tear are all good indicators that it may be time for a professional backflow test and/or backflow prevention replacement.

Hot water tanks/tankless water heaters – Plumbing Now installs, repairs and services hot water tanks and tankless water heaters for your convenience. If you have rusty pipes, noticeable sediment build-up, low hot water pressure, water around your water heater from a leak or an older model that is outdated or too small for your home, it may be time to consider a hot water tank upgrade or replacement.

Drain vision/cameras – Your sump pump is one of your biggest safeguards from a flooding basement. Regular inspections ensure that it will provide adequate protection from heavy precipitation and/or groundwater accumulation. Using a drain camera for the inspection can help pinpoint the exact nature and location of your plumbing issue so that you can detect small problems before they develop into larger ones.

Drain Cleaning / Eeeling – Call us for your drain cleaning needs. Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, laundry drain or your main drain. Plumbing Now has the proper equipment to clear your drains & obtain flow.  

Reliable Basement Plumbing Services in Windsor Area

When you need reliable basement plumbing services in Windsor or Essex County, we can typically provide service the same or next day. Whether you need backflow prevention or a detailed camera inspection for your sump pump, Plumbing Now is here to help. In the case of emergencies, we guarantee prompt service. Our plumbers are specially trained by a master plumber to ensure your complete satisfaction with our workmanship and service. Give us a call today to request an estimate or to schedule an appointment for our basement plumbing services!