If you are renovating your home and require bathroom plumbing services in Windsor & Essex County, Plumbing Now is equipped for the job. From complete overhauls to minor servicing, we handle all types of bathroom plumbing jobs. Whether you need expert drain clearing, a leaky faucet, or toilet repaired, a new shower installed or any other service, our experienced plumbers are available and ready to help you return your daily routine back to normal. Should you ever have an emergency situation, we guarantee same-day service. You will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our straight-forward pricing and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

From New Installations to Repairs

At Plumbing Now, we install, repair and service any and all of the following:

Toilets – It’s been estimated that people spend at least three hours on the toilet every week. Is it any wonder then that toilet issues are among the most common types of plumbing problems we encounter? Whether your toilet has a weak flusher, a slow tank fill or a serious clog that is causing unpleasant overflow, you can count on us to ensure your porcelain throne is running efficiently.

Faucets – Whether your faucets are leaky, difficult to operate or are experiencing low water pressure resulting in spray misting, you can call us to determine your issue. Whether you have a plumbing or water supply issue or are in need of a new faucet installation, let us take a look.

Shower valves – If your shower handle refuses to turn or makes a strange, grinding noise when you turn it, your hot water does not seem to be working or you have a weak trickle of water running out of your faucet, your shower valve could be broken and in need of repair or replacement. Not to worry; rely on our experts!

Showers and/or tubs – Have you noticed cracks in your shower surround or signs of erosion around your drain? It may be time to repair or replace your shower or tub before leaks allow mould and water damages to occur. We are equipped to repair your existing shower or tub or install a brand-new one.

Vanity and pedestal sinks – If you wish to have a new vanity or pedestal sink installed in your bathroom, we are experienced with both types of installations. Pedestal sinks can be a real space-saver, while also being easy to maintain and clean. However, if storage is an issue, a vanity sink can offer loads of concealed storage space for your bathroom necessities. We would be happy to go over all the pros and cons of both types to determine which would be a better fit for you.

Call Us for Bathroom Plumbing in Windsor

Is your toilet wasting water and costing you money? Are you experiencing low water pressure or a clogged drain? Is your bathroom long overdue for an upgrade? We specialize in bathroom plumbing services in Windsor and surrounding areas. All of our technicians come equipped with a straight-forward pricing guide to ensure fair pricing. When you give us a call, you can rest assured that you will always be given the exact service price in writing prior to any work being completed. Call Plumbing Now and get your next bathroom renovation project in Windsor & Essex County started with our help!